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When it comes to kids, all parents pour their heart and energy into making them smile and seeing them achieve their dreams. While the whole process is one happy ride, it can be adventurous at times. Given the fact our lives are now more work-driven, we hardly get time to spend with our kids. While playing multiple roles as a parent, we all need a partner to lean on, and for you, we can be your ‘Partners in Upbringing’.

Our belief in the power of conscious and mindful parenting, for the holistic development of our kids, gave rise to Partners in Upbringing. We bring to the table valuable insights from the parenting experts, and realistic advice from fellow inspiring parents. With you being in the driver’s seat and us guiding you through this joyous ride of mindful parenting, we aim to grow as a community of parents who want to give their best to their kids so they can be happy and confident individuals.

Join us in this journey and lets be ‘Partners in Upbringing’.

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What is your biggest parenting concern?

Eating habits, emotional health, discovering their potential, activities for holistic development, answering the awkward questions, teaching value of money, schooling, career,  sports and playtime, etc. there are so many concerns we face as a parent. So we bring to you the most authentic and credible source of information to answer all your questions. Tune in to our Podcasts now!


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