Importance of ‘Vision’ in Parenting

Every parent knowingly or unknowingly have a vision for their children. In this episode, lets see what it means means to have Vision for our kids and what impact a clearly defined vision has on their lives. By definition Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom. It is a visual picture that describes your child in the future which acts as a unifying force and aligns all our efforts.

The one thing common among parents of successful people is the Vision they have for the kids and therefore the efforts they take towards building their kids  future.

In this episode we have inputs from Kedar Tembe, a professional tennis coach from Singapore, Parth Nilawar – Co Founder Wonderlives, Dr. Atul Abhyankar – passionate homeopath  and Dr. Aarti Supekar – an Ayurvedic Physician. All these experts will be addressing questions like

  • What is Vision?
  • Is it really necessary to define a Vision for our kids?
  • Should the Vision be short term or long term and can it be altered?
  • What should a VIsion based on  – Values and qualities or skills based on the ambitions we have for our kids?
  • How to define qualities in the vision which will compliment his/ her personality….
  • In the long run How does Vision Manifest?
  • Does Visualization help manage the anxiety for our child’s future?

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