Hi! We are Himani and Kalyani – two moms who turned into partners for their new baby – Partners in UpBringing. We both have a lot in common. From being trailing wives to living in the same condo, from being curious about parenting to being moms to two children, from talking to parenting experts to creating a podcast on parenting, we share a lot and have come a long way.

In this parenting journey, we have realized that the world has fast-forwarded, and so has parenting. While we can take inspiration from the upbringing techniques of our parents, we cannot exactly implement their parenting styles. Why? Because the parenting world has modernized. With unlimited exposure to the digital circuit, everything is now accessible at your fingertips. The social pressure to do better, multiple stresses, attractions, etc., increases parental tensity.

While living in nuclear families, away from our real homes, and with the demanding work life, we lack the ecosystem needed for the holistic upbringing of children.  Without much contact with our nieces or nephews and adapting to the fast-paced life with long working hours has made parenting a daunting task.

Many parents like us crave a piece of advice, wish to explore different perspectives, learn about the latest developments, and share their side of the story to inspire others. We want to be partners with these peers and share our learnings. ‘Partners in UpBringing’ is our endeavor to be the much-needed support parents need to smoothen their parenting journey of raising a child and make it more enjoyable.

Whilst achieving our goal, we crossed our path with many child psychologists, doctors, teachers, parenting coaches and fellow inspiring parents. Today, along with them, we have established an ever-expanding network that shares parenting tips, ideas, and stories and inspires parents to raise happy and confident children.

Meet the Founders

Name: Kalyani

Designation:  Entrepreneur | Podcaster | Mother of two

Loves: Art and Nature

Kalyani is an MBA graduate, who has worked with big names like The Times of India Group, and a few startups, and has gathered a diverse corporate experience. Along with being a marketer, she is also a sportswoman, who played Volleyball at a national level.

Off the field, Kalyani is a quilling artist and explorer at heart, who believes that nature is the best teacher for her two young ones.

Name: Himani

Designation: Entrepreneur | Podcaster | Mother of two 

Loves: Art | Being connected with the roots

Himani holds a PGDM from XIC and an MBA from Mumbai University. Along with this strong educational background, she also specializes in advertising and marketing and has worked with big brands like 

Draft FCB Ulka – Interface Communications, HT Media – 104 Fever FM, Godrej Nature’s Basket, etc.

She believes that the strength and wisdom that we attain from our roots are the two most powerful tools to bring up the next generation. Practicing art and craft is her favorite pass time, and she loves conversing with her beautiful girls and believes that sharing always helps.

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