Age Old Secrets for Holistic Development of Kids

There is immense power, simplicity and effectiveness in the nurturing style based on the age old wisdom of the The Vedas.

In today’s episode we are in conversation with Dr. Narayan Desai, The Founder of Tribal Mensa Nurturing Program. He is the Executive Council member – Gifted Child Program , Mensa India. He holds a doctorate in Vedic and Puranic literature and another one in Ecological Restoration.

Dr. Narayan has shared with us some of the activities he has developed based on the Panchkosha model from our Upanishads to enhance skills like –

Logical thinking
Fine motor skills
And ALL these activities are absolutely Zero Prep !!

Panchakosha is an age old theory revolving around Annamaya Kosha (Physical Body), Pranamaya Kosha (Subtle Body), Manomaya Kosha (Mental Body), Vidnyanamaya Kosha (Energy Body) and the Anandmaya Kosha (Bliss body). The activities based on these Koshas challenge our 5 senses and are highly effective to ensure holistic development of our children.

To find out more about Dr. Narayan, please visit They are doing phenomenal work in the field of nurturing children with high ability from the rural parts of India.

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