Anxiety in Gifted Young Adult

What is the root cause of anxiety in gifted children? How can it be avoided / How can they deal with it? How can parents help? When to reach out to a specialist?

Get answers to all these questions and much more in this podcast!

Today in the 5th episode of Being Gifted, we have with us Dr. Keethi Pai

Dr Keerthi Pai is a Consultant Clinical Psychologst in Apollo hospitals a Mental Health Advisor in Apollo Shine Foundation and Partner in Element H Psychological Support Services. She is guest faculty in Institute of Mental Health Chennai and most importantly, She also consults adolescents with giftedness, where IQ, emotional and social skills assessments are done and Education for parents regarding giftedness and need for psychological support is done.


She’s trained in Psychological therapies like CBT, emotion regulation techniques and social skills training.


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