Creating an eco-system for gifted children

Creating an Eco System for Gifted children is like creating a lifeline for them. In the book ‘Brain Child’ by Tony Buzan this wonderful example of the importance of creating an ecosystem and how it is essential for the success of every individual…Tony has compared children to F1 cars. And especially when we are talking about children with higher ability, their brains can run at very high speeds leaving the other regular cars behind.
F1 cars can run so fast because they have a good TEAM – of technicians, engineers, scientists, metal health coaches and sponsors to support them and tune their engines – and most importantly to avoid accidents.
As a society, as parents and teachers to gifted children, it is our responsibility to create this ecosystem to guide them along the path. but the question remains how to create one?
Today, we are once again by joined by Ms. Chitra Ramaswany from Bangalore. All of us have heard her in the last episode on ‘Schooling for gifted children’. She is a mother to 16 year old Shankar. 
Points covered:  
 – Finding a mentor/ educator/ mental health professional for the gifted child
 – Meeting the emotional needs 
 – Using the available resources and  infrastructure 
 – taking help of school and teachers 
 – Being a part of groups of gifted and non gifted children of different ages And more  Do listen to the entire episode, share your comments and if you like it, leave us a 5 Star Rating on the platform you are listening to!
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