Family – An Infinite Circle of Well-being

Family first… Family Man… Family Rules… We use these phrases and quotes often and in so many contexts. If we consider someone close enough, we call them ‘Family’, that’s the highest regard with which we refer to people. Right?

This has been my recent epiphanic moment that I understood and realised real meaning of this word that has been a part of my vocabulary for the past 33 years – Family!
When we get married, we are still a couple, but only when want to have children we say – we are starting a family, or I have a family. Basically, the arrival of a child in our life describes the true meaning of family. It marks as a milestone, and we embark on this new journey as parents and the possibility of shaping the life in our hands. It redefines the existing relationships and it strengthens the bonds amongst the family members, adds a sense of belonging and we feel a certain sense of added moral responsibility towards that new life. In Fact, a new life always brings with it an invisible string that attaches you to itself and you are in some way contributing to its wellbeing… do you agree with this? It works like magic…

Family is where the roots take hold and from there we grow, we develop a special bonding, impart family values, and spend time together. The importance of these things is highlighted more now than ever before. We see the internet flooded with articles like these… it is because, family as a concept ensures well-being of an individual.

I mean, hats off to the people who discovered this concept of family and put it in action. What it means, what impact it has on our life and the incredible conditioning of the mind that is attached to the word ‘Family’ amazes me. It means so much to us. I do not think there is any other relationship that is so complicated and yet so simple all at the same time. It is something that you don’t choose for yourself, but still love the most, you may be with people who are polar opposites of you but have learnt to be comfortable, care, accept, and feel responsible towards each other and share your life with. Like it is a gift!

I think, Family is one of the most marvellous concepts I have known. How many of you believe in energy, power of thoughts, wishes and blessings? I believe in it cent-per-cent. Apart from the biological connection and attachment, family as a unit, ensures that there is an invisible thought bubble that surrounds us – of love, care, positivity, compassion, and security.
Each one of us is thinking good for the others in the family, it is an infinite circle, in which we feel protected and blessed. Family is an environment where you are always accepted and understood. And in the bigger picture, having a stable and loving family contributes to a stable and loving society. It is not just the neighbourhood or a state but true for the entire world. We can continue to nurture generations without fear and concern as, what we are leaving behind is a legacy to build better world. It is a natural progression to make better of what is given to us…

I feel so blessed to have a fabulous set of people around me whom I call family, the gifts that were surprises and the gifts that I chose for myself. My children have only added to this joy. I sincerely hope and wish that everyone gets to experience the happiness and shelter of having a ‘family’ and ensure wellbeing of everyone. When we have people whom we can call family, you are home!

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Team PIU
Himani and Kalyani are Co Founders of Partners in Upbringing. Both of them are mothers and are extremely passionate about parenting.

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