Friendships for Gifted Students

Friends bring more happiness into our lives than virtually anything else. Friendships have a huge impact on your mental health. Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort, joy and make loneliness disappear! Having true friends is like having a treasure.
However, friendships and social interaction may seem different and difficult for some gifted children. As parents, we may feel worried for our child that he or she may end up being a loner and not having friends at all. Will they have people around who understand them? Will they enjoy with children like other normal kids? This is a common feeling especially amongst the parents of younger age group.
So today, we are in conversation with 2 gifted individuals, Rohan Ghatpande and Rukmini Sinha to understand and learn from their personal experiences in the area of friendship, what affected them, how did they learn through experiences and how did they find their friends and their happiness.
Rohan works in a consulting firm. He has graduated in mechanical engineering with honors in thermal engineering. HE is very passionate about Music and has been learning to play the piano for over 16 years now. Rohan has completed Grade 8 in Piano and Theory of Music from Trinity College London and he also teaches Piano to kids on weekends.
Rukmini works at an animation studio as a storyboard artist. She has graduated with a Bachelor’s in Animation from LISAA, a design and animation school in Paris. When she is not working she does something that is totally unrelated to drawing like cooking something new or practicing foreign languages and recently she even learnt skateboarding with a friend!
The key aspects we covered today in our conversation are: How was it to make friends as a child. What problems did they face. What helped them to overcome those problems in their social interaction
How did social interaction change as they grew up and much more
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