Giftedness in India – With Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar

In this inaugural episode of the ‘Being Gifted’ podcast, we are in conversation with Padmavibhushan, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar. He has shared with us his experiences, challenges, how he overcame those challenges and personal his story as a highly gifted individual himself. He has also shared his views on why is it important to nurture the gifted potential in India.  
Dr. Mashelkar has received J.R.D. Tata Corporate Leadership Award, an exclusive honour reserved for Indian Corporates.He was also elected Fellow of Royal Society, the topmost honour reserved for world’s pathbreaking scientists. Dr. Mashelkar has pioneered `Gandhian Engineering’ -`More from less for more people’ – catering to the needs of the poor.Mashelkar valiantly fought and revoked the wrong US patents on turmeric and Basmati rice based on India’s traditional knowledge. He Licensed patents based on modern knowledge of Indian laboratories, pioneering the trend of reverse transfer of technology.He is a Director on boards of India’s leading companies, from Tatas to Reliance. 44 global universities have bestowed him with honorary doctorates. Dr. Mashelkar has twelve high-powered Committees to his name, many of them on contentious issues.
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