The Global Indian Series is an immersive platform that provides original and exclusive content based around the lives of people of Indian origin. Its purpose is to plunge into the human experience of the world’s largest diaspora, provide a deeper understanding of the countries we now call home, whilst providing a safe mooring for our community to explore the fifty shades of brown that we are made up of. Through our range of original content, we are connecting the world’s largest community and our impactful stories and platforms have spearheaded national and international conversations that have brought people together.

Partners in Upbringing is proud to associate with Global Indian Series as we share our values and purpose of creating a positive and open environment.

The Global Indian Series has quickly become an international movement, with heads of state, key political figures, leading business personalities, key cultural and religious influencers, actors, activists and creatives, publicly endorsing and supporting the platform. To date, our content has been viewed by over a 100million individuals and our partner events have brought remarkable people together across the planet, leading to a positive cultural shift in how we view each other. Our role is to connect our community, celebrate our identity and create deeper conversation that relates to people and the planet. The idea was originated by Rajan Nazran – an explorer and content producer who, for over a decade, travelled the globe piecing together the kaleidoscope of people of Indian origin. His journey has taken him to over 58 countries around the world and what started out as a deep fascination of his own family legacy, has turned itself into a thriving community of like minded individuals.

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