How’s and What’s of Profiling Children

What does profiling children mean? How does it help parents to enrich their Upbringing journey?

In today’s conversation with Ajit Kaikini we are going to deep dive into the world of profiling children and understand this scientific tool which helps in choosing not only the right career path for our children but to help us shape well.

Our guest Ajit Kaikini , is the founding Director of Buoyancee, an award winning  a Career counsellor, a trainer who has profiled  thousands of kids in  his 27yrs of extensive career and guided them to discover their true potential.

This conversation is a highly insightful one which will empower every parent.



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Team PIU
Himani and Kalyani are Co Founders of Partners in Upbringing. Both of them are mothers and are extremely passionate about parenting.

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