Identification and Testing of Giftedness

The journey of nurturing giftedness starts with identifying it. To help us understand this crucial step, today we have with us Mrs. Anjali Bharwani. She is a Masters in clinical psychology from SNDT University, Mumbai  and  has got over 19 years of experience administering various psychometric tests, therapy and counselling.
The main points discussed in this podcast are:
  1. How can parents and teachers identify if their children are gifted?
  2. What kind of assessment or screening is done to find the child’s IQ? When is the best time to test the child’s IQ?
  3. If a child has learning difficulties, will his score reflect his higher intelligence?
  4. Does the test have any limitations, where children’s talent of performance still goes unnoticed in spite of testing?
  5. How to fight parental resistance to take the test?
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