‘Kids room’ for Personality Development

Neil is my first cousin and 5 years elder to me. He is based in the US and is expecting a baby boy next month. And can you guess what he is super busy with? NO – it’s not just buying diapers and setting up the nursery or taking some parenting classes. He is ‘designing’ the kids room for the tiny little bundle who is not even born. 

“Storage is the last thing I am concerned about. My primary focus is to develop spaces within the room which will boost his hand eye coordination, his fine motor skills, instigate his thoughts and exercise the little brain. “ he says. 

Many times kids rooms are the most underrated spaces in the house. They are seen as more of a toy storage space rather than a space which will impact their growth and development. The space in which a child grows has an immense impact on his or her lives. Their rooms today will become their future offices and homes. If the children are used to an organized, well functional setup, they will unknowingly imbibe those qualities and this in turn will help them structure not only their spaces but also their thoughts. 

Having fun as well as educative wall decals about the multiple topics that they are interested in like say galaxies, world maps, animals or birds,  

When I think of my childhood days, I did not have an entire room to myself or even a toy rack. It was just a small basket of toys! So it was not much of a challenge for the parents. But nowadays the gifting culture has thrown up multiple challenges. With dozens of new toys pouring in every festival or otherwise, organization, decluttering, space management, valuing things are everyday challenges. And in spite of the tons of toys the question still remains “Mama, I am bored, what shall I do”.


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Himani and Kalyani are Co Founders of Partners in Upbringing. Both of them are mothers and are extremely passionate about parenting.

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