Making of a Chess Champion with IM Sagar Shah

Are You Nurturing a Chess Champion?

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In this episode we are in conversation with Sagar Shah- International Master and the Co-Founder of worlds biggest chess platform – ChessBase
Sagar is a well known personality in the world of chess. He is a trainer, a chess journalist and a commentator. He also leads many inititives to raise fund for chess players as well as provide an infrastructure for them.

Sagar has shared his views on the following with us in an attempt to help parents in supporting their child chess as a sports:
1. How to understand the interest of the child in sports
2. Role of Child, Parent, Coach in making of a champion
3. What does an ecosystem in chess include
4. How to select the right coach for your child?
5. Investment required from parents of a chess champion
6. Importance of physical fitness as a chess player
7. Impact and skills developed because of Chess in your child
8. Parents approach towards wins and losses

Becoming parents is natural, but parenthood is not. So tune in, learn, grow and navigate the beautiful yet complex journey of nurturing happy & confident children. Share if with your friends and family!


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