Nurturing gifted children – pearls of wisdom

Experiences and challenges that we face as parents while nurturing gifted children are very different than our peers. We may feel stuck and lonely as finding the right answers from the immediate support group may not be possible; we all know there may not be simple and direct answers. In such a situation, sharing tips that are easy to remember and apply come handy.  
In this episode we have shared with you, 5 pearls of wisdom that are highly effective while nurturing gifted children, by Devasena Desai. Dr. Devasena Desai, is an associate director at KGERC and an adjunct lecturer at Iowa, university, USA. She has been working in the gifted domain for the last 15 years. Many of you might have listened to her in our 2nd episode when we discussed What and Why of Giftedness.
Points covered:
1. Observation & Alertness 
2. Opportunities and Exposure 
3. Instructions Vs Conversations 
4. Single Focus & Holistic 
5. Handling anxiety & joy 
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