Nutrition Facts and Myths – Part 1

Ensuring that our kids are fed the right nutrition is a big task…  especially when we are bombarded with so many so called healthy products in the market… to make the right choice is difficult rather impossible…

In this episode we will get many doubts cleared from Dr.Vibhusha Jambhekar, a PhD in Human Nutrition. She will address burning issues like

  1. Is milk really good for our children? What type of milk should we buy? (Fresh Milk, UHT Milk, Almond milk, coconut milk, flavoured milks)
  2. Which cheese should we choose ? What are the drawbacks of processed cheese?
  3. Are breakfast cereals good for kids? Which is the best option? What are some quick and healthy breakfast options?
  4. Should we really invest in all those expensive organic fruits and veggies
  5. Which suppliments can be given to our kids, just off the shelf?
  6. What are some yummy yet healthy snack options?
  7. How can we make pastas and noodles healthier for the kids?
  8. Is it ok to give cut fruits in the tiffin boxes?
  9. Tetra packed fruit juices with ‘No Added Sugar’ tags are popular amongst kids.. but are they ok to give?
  10. How to interpret the food labels? How to  make better food choices for the whole family?

You can listen to this complete conversation with Dr. Vibhusha on SPOTIFY, APPLE AND GOOGLE PODCASTS as well as our webpage

In Part 2 of Nutrition – Facts and Myths, we will be in conversation with a very well known Clinical Nutritionist and Coach – Ms. Meenu Agarwal in our next episode. She will share many interesting facts about nutritive choices we make on daily basis and especially clear doubts on choosing Non-Vegetarian food options….And this time you will not have to wait for  2 weeks, we will be releasing it on 29th April.

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