Anand Kulkarni

Mind Coach, Corporate Trainer and Psychologist | iTransforMission

Being a software enthusiasts for half of his life, and gaining experience of more than a decade, Mr. Anand, became a corporate trainer and psychologist. From time management to emotional intelligence, he guides you in every small aspects to improve your performance. His skills and experience are definitely a plus for our whole team.

Mrs. Devasena Desai, PhD

Independent Consulting Psychologist & Researcher | Gifted Educator

After achieving her doctorate in parenting from Jnana Prabodhoni Institute of Psychology, India, Dr. Devasena Desai has worked with parents, children and teachers extensively for past 27 years. She has been a Gifted educator for over 15 years now. She is an Associate Director at Kaveri Gifted Education and Research Centre, Pune and is an adjunct lecturer at Iowa, USA for past 5years. We are proud to have her as our ‘Partner in Upbringing’.

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