Parenting Gifted Children


Excellent, intelligent, perfectionist, extraordinary are some of the words that you may be using to describe someone with higher ability. Children who are able to perform better as compared to their peers in certain areas or multiple areas  may it be arts, academics, sports, music, languages, dance, leadership etc are called ‘Gifted’.

There are so many gifted children around us whose talent / giftedness may go unnoticed or is not given the attention it deserves  just because the skill they excel in is not relevant or with it comes other behavioural problems like sensitivity, pride, low self esteem and so on..

In Today’s episode, we have Dr. Devasena Desai, Consultant Psychologist and gifted educator at KGERC with over 25 years of experience to explain how to parent and nurture a gifted child at home or in your vicinity. Get a  deeper understanding towards these children, the behaviour and how to respond to their needs.

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