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“Can someone give me a magic wand please.. I want to outsource parenting!!” That’s the only thought through my mind right now. Why? Oh the summer holidays are going on and the kids are with me at home the WHOLE DAY! And no matter what activity I give them, they come and disturb me every 6th minute. I am sure all the parents will agree with me that ‘Parenting’ is the toughest job in this world.

Well, I don’t want to be like the cuckoo bird, or other brood parasites, who completely rely on others to raise their young, but a little (actually a lot 😊) help is what I need. When the schools are open, its not much of a problem, but what can we do in the holidays? Currently the travel restrictions are so high that I can’t even think about my mother coming over to help, but can someone else help? If not their grandmother, how about MOTHER NATURE? Wow.. I got this! I am going to pack our bags and take the kids on nature trails and explore the countryside. Now suddenly I am feeling pumped up about the holidays. With no schedules to limit us this is going to be amazing. All I need to do is pack my bags with lots of food and water and we are good to go!

Nature, unlike the screens, does not give any instant gratification. I am hoping it will teach them to be a patient. I will take them on long walks and let them explore the greenery around, they won’t need sensory tubs for playtime. I will run with them and may be even let them fall. They need to learn to stand up and run again. Resilience is the most essential skill for their future. I will give them a small basket and send them on a treasure hunt to collect different types of natural treasures. Let them see how different species coexist – in harmony. Spending more time in nature is sure going to be loads of fun and yes, I will even get a chance to use my SLR which has been lying in some corner of the wardrobe!

I want to do all of this.. and I will do it someday. If not tomorrow then next week for sure. Because tomorrow looks tough.. it is 2am and I still don’t feel like keeping my wine glass away, switching off the night lamp and going to bed 🙂

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Team PIU
Himani and Kalyani are Co Founders of Partners in Upbringing. Both of them are mothers and are extremely passionate about parenting.

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