Perfectionism for Gifted Young Adult

Mr. Perfectionist, she is a perfectionist … These words become the identity of the person and are mostly taken as a compliment, however, it does have another side to it…

According to Dr. Thomas S. Greenspon

“Perfectionism burdens your life, interferes with creativity, and makes intimate relations difficult. It is never healthy.” ~ Dr. Thomas S. Greenspon

Today to discuss perfectionism in depth, we are joined by Dr. Ashwini Joshi who is a Diabetologist, physician, a philanthropist and entrepreneur. She is a Director and consultant with Aloha Lifestyle Reversal Studio is also an honorary consultant with Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune.

In this conversation, we have deep dived into understanding perfectionism for gifted young adult, how it is different from excellence, the emotional turmoil experienced by perfectionist gifted children, how it affects interpersonal relationships and how can it be kept in control.

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