Regulating Screen Time: Why and How

Struggling with Screen Time of your child?
Almost given up?

Screens have been the constant companion in our lives; and they are here to stay! And when it comes to kids and screens, we face tantrums, excessive screen time, emotional blackmail, screaming and all sorts of shenanigans.
In today’s episode we have discussed, Why we should keep our kids away from screens and how can we do so:
Tantrums after screen time
– Screens are affecting our hormones
– Effects of Screen time on brain development
– Long term health hazards
– Effects of screens on social behaviour
– What are the WHO guidelines for screen time
– Food and screens
– Actionables for parents to regulate screen time

Our guest for today is Dr. Janice Morais – a Parenting Coach, a Certified Counselor and the founder of NuMinCh. Dr. Janice is a twin mom and works with young parents to reach their parenting goals using respectful, gentle parenting methods to raise emotionally intelligent and resilient children. If you would like to reach her click here or email her on

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Partners in UpBringing is a parenting podcast hosted by two mums Himani & Kalyani, based in Singapore. They address a variety of parenting topics in their casual and candid conversation with subject matter experts and fellow parents from across the globe. Each podcast episode provides a holistic perspective on the chosen topic. It’s a platform to exchange tips, ideas and share experiences related to parenting.

So if you would like to reach us, please email or connect with us on social media on Facebook or Instagram @partnersinupbringing.

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Team PIU
Himani and Kalyani are Co Founders of Partners in Upbringing. Both of them are mothers and are extremely passionate about parenting.

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