“Child’s Play! :)”…with Kalyani on Live N let by Neha Damle

Live N let is a channel owned by Neha Damle who is based in Minneapolis, USA. It was our pleasure to be invited to share our ideas and thoughts on this platform. Here is what she had to say ..

At times it is hard to deal with kids. Keeping them busy gets tricky at times. They ask for a lot of screen time, they throw tantrums and some times just pose difficulties while the parents work from home! Kalyani gives a few tips on keeping kids (age range 1-5) busy without giving them a lot of screen time and keeping our cool with their tantrums. Check it out!

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Team PIU
Himani and Kalyani are Co Founders of Partners in Upbringing. Both of them are mothers and are extremely passionate about parenting.

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