Supporting Health Naturally with Essential Oils

Will the extensive use of medication cause harmful side effects on our child’s health? Are there any safer, natural options? ūü§Ē

In¬† today’s episode , CARE instructor Nana Lim provides excellent guidance about essential oils, the science behind them, which essential oils can be used and most importantly how to use them for cough and cold, skin issues, digestion, fever, increasing immunity, acting as mosquito repellents and much more.

The key points we have discussed are :

1. What are essential oils? Why should they be a part of our life?

2. How to know if the oils are pure?

5. How do they work? Effectiveness

6. How to use it  РApplication, diffusing,  others

7. Which are the most common essentials ones that we must have at home for


 РCold and cough

 РMosquito bites


 РTummy issues

 РSkin rashes / infections

8. Travel kit

If you need more details, do get in touch with Nana on WhatsApp +65 8100 6777

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