Top 7 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

Are you a parent struggling with your picky eater? Don’t worry, you have reached the right place! We have the best tried and tested tips for you:

Take your child grocery shopping – Let him or her choose the fruits and veggies of their choice. Let them feel empowered.

Involve them in the cooking process – let the little chefs touch, smell and taste new foods

Offer replacement foods – If your child is continuously rejecting a particular food, say milk, then offer it in some other form like yogurt.

Make mealtimes fun – Engage in any non screen game or stories around food to not only generate curiosity about it, but also help in holistic development. Try different places, different bowls plates or even tiffin boxes as meal time accessories.

Peer Pressure – If your kids are in the socializing age, invite their friends over with their own tiffin boxes. Let them see and taste each other’s food.

Boring Substitutes – Wear your tricky parent hat and every time your child rejects a particular food, just calm down and offer an even more boring substitute like say a salad!!

Eat together – Family meals are a great opportunity for kids to see what and how their parents are eating. Fun discussions around the food on the table and healthy ‘eating competitions’ help the children to try new foods and improve upon their eating speed.

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Team PIU
Himani and Kalyani are Co Founders of Partners in Upbringing. Both of them are mothers and are extremely passionate about parenting.

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