We offer Parent Engagement Program for Schools & Corporates.

Choose Your Topics.

Handling Everyday Tantrums And Meltdowns
10 Strategies To Control Screen Time
Nutrition: Eating Habits & Brain Development
How To Strengthen Your Child's Emotional Intelligence
CPR AED And First Aid Training For Parents
Dealing with Parental Anxiety And worry - Meditation
Help Your Child Focus
Helping Your Children With Anger Issues
Sports For Academic Excellence
Talking About Sex Puberty And Relationships With Your Children
Secrets To Raising Resilient Child
Help Your Teenager Manage Stress
Changing Parenting Gears For Teenage
Boost Your Teens' Emotional Intelligence
Nurturing Entrepreneurial Qualities In Your Child
Nutrition: Getting Your Kids Ready For Puberty
Nutrition: Food Habits To Counter Academic Stress
Talking About Sex And Sexuality To Your Child
Parenting Gifted Children

Lets come together as a community to raise happy and confident children.

So whether its an annual day or employee day or family day or an continuous parent engagement solution (3, 6 12 months), just drop us an email – contact@partnersinupbringing.com or give is a ping of WhatsApp @+65 9890 9323

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