Why your kids won’t listen unless you yell?

The question we are answering today. Get answer to this most pressing issue in your parenting journey. This issue needs to be looked at from a scientific lens to understand from where does it root and what is the solution that can be used by parents.

Points covered in this episode:

  • Why do kids misbehave – from a scientific lens
  • Why does yelling work and our simple instructions or remindiners dont
  • How does kids brain function?
  • Stress behaviour Vs Misbehaviour
  • Why sometimes kids don’t want logic
  • Do punishments really work? TEaching without punishments
  • Nurturing sensitive children
  • What corrective actions and solutions can we look at as parents
  • Getting help from therapist & parenting coaches

About the Guest: Allana Robinson is a mother of 2 kids and a parenting coach . She is an Early Childhood educator  and developmental specialist.  She is  certified in Pivotal response therapy.  She is trained in Relationship Development Intervention, Hanen Social Communications and Collaborative and Proactive Solutions . She has extensive experience in coaching parents to stop reeling and be in control.

She believes that our parenting knowledge has to be revived based on latest research and we need to understand that not all our parents did is applicable to the upbringing of kids in today’s generation.
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Himani and Kalyani are Co Founders of Partners in Upbringing. Both of them are mothers and are extremely passionate about parenting.

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