Spirituality for gifted children – Part I

What role does spirituality play in the life of gifted children?
In this podcast we have with us not one but two distinguished guests – Dr. P. Vijayalaxmi (Masters in Medicine, Post graduate in Psychiatry) and  Mrs. Malati Kalmadi (Founder director of KGERC) sharing their knowledge and experiences on 
  • Why is it important to have a spiritual base especially in the context of gifted children?
  • How does having a spiritual base for the gifted children help in reaching their maximum potential?
  • How can we ensure that pride and ego doesn’t come in the way of their success and achievements?
  • How can gifted children be taught to cope with the WHY ME question that may occur in their mind as they grow up?
  • How do we set our children on the path of spirituality?
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We will be coming up with one Spirituality for Gifted Children – Part II soon on 28th December 2022. 
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